SensDock - Pallet Controller And Program Management Tracking System
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Optimize your Supply Chain with Intelligent Asset Management

Untangling the RPC Challenge

In the complex world of B2B supply chain operations, managing Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) is a daunting task. Operational inefficiencies, potential losses, excessive leasing costs, and billing disputes are all too common. We understand these challenges, and we’ve designed a solution to address them.

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SensDock is a trusted solution for counting, tracking, and reconciling returnable assets in B2B industries. Leveraging Vision AI and RFID technology, we provide real-time, accurate tracking of your assets. SensDock revolutionizes pallet control and leased asset management, delivering unprecedented efficiency and cost savings to your operations.

Introduing Sendock

Our Solution

SensDock is not just about tracking; it’s about intelligent management of your returnable assets. From inspection of shipments to cross-checking received goods with purchase orders, SensDock brings unparalleled accuracy to your supply chain. With our comprehensive dashboard, you get superior decision-making capabilities and visibility into your operations.

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