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Sensing the Future

Predict Every Move to Ensure on-time Delivery

Sensitel SENS is an Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service, for Autonomous Coordination & Predictive Arrival of goods, vehicles and people for Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing Companies and Cities of Tomorrow. Our vision is to enable always on, self driving business operations using automation and data intelligence.

Real World Success

Real World Success

Real World Success

Our diverse customers have grown their business multiple times, protected supply chains and created new innovative services.

Sens Track

Transform your delivery operation using Real-Time Tracking, Predictive Arrivals, Automated Dispatching and Actionable Alerts.

Sens Track



Thousands of IoT devices

6,000,000+ deliveries tracked

2,000+ suppliers

Create an Edge using AI

Transform your warehousing operations using SensDock AI. Automate processing of incoming shipments - ensure Supply Chain Integrity.

Sens Track

Real World Success

RK Logistics

Our business grew 40% by using Sens Track. By using SENS, we have real time visibility and the latest predictive technologies and a brilliant support.


Working with visionary customers and innovative users, Sensitel has achieved many firsts in the marketplace. Sens solutions can adapt to your usecase, ensuring fast results.

Sensitel Team was always willing to engage and make us Successful.

Ray Statunberg

Unlike Other Vendors, Sensitel Team asked what we needed and then adapted their platform to our needs.

Wally Sanabria

Sensitel completely automated our process, Bringing AI and Analytics to supply chain integrity.