It All Started When...

Sensitel founder Ray Sikka ran operations for the largest Blueberry Supplier in the US. Troubled by lack of visibility into real time location of company's trucks that delayed deliveries to national retailers, Ray started experimenting with different sensors and tracking technologies to solve the last mile delivery challenges. Since then Sensitel has grown into different services for warehousing and logistics control and visibility markets.


Sensitel's purpose is to improve the quality of human life by transforming the way people work, buy and move.


Sensitel's Mission is to orchestrate, track and monitor $100B in goods movement by December 2022.


Result Matters, We sell software as a service, stay engaged with users and help them succeed with Sensitel offerings.

Sensitel employees have a personal growth road map and we invest in new skills and career transformation for our employees.

Sensitel is driven by Innovation.We deliver product, processes and use excellence and reduce downside of innovation for our customers.