The point of leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) and big data technologies is ultimately to make better decisions and deliver delightful user experiences. Sensitel, an applications and data analytics company based in Santa Clara, California, helps companies do just that. Whether its a visit to a retail store or a visit to a doctor, delivery of a much awaited replacement part or first time installation of a home gadget, Sensitel solutions help deliver the perfect user experience.

Sensitel's solutions allow companies to garner insights into parts of their business they rarely could before. Logistics service providers, for instance, use Sensitel's TrackAware solution to track over 1,000,000 shipments and ensure on-time delivery. Retail chains, meanwhile, leverage Sensitel's Staffcaster tool to identify which parts of their stores are most populated by shoppers (or at least their smartphones), and then direct their staff accordingly. TrackAware SENS gateway leverages Apache Hadoop and Spark to process the data tsunami from the Internet of Things for real time prescriptive analytics.

Through cloud based integrated Sensing, Monitoring and Tracking services, Sensitel enables Retailers, Manufacturers, Logistics service providers, Communications services providers and Healthcare service providers make intelligent real time decisions.

TrackAware’s SENS™ links the objects of the real world with the information world, to help reduce operational costs, ensure consumer safety and build trust in products.

TrackAware offerings are delivered as mobile handheld based software, cloud based subscription services and as business consulting and advanced analytics services. Sensitel is based in Santa Clara, California and is funded through private investments.

Sensitel Values, Purpose and Mission


Sensitel’s purpose is to improve the quality of human life by transforming the way people work, live and move.


Sensitel’s mission is to be leading provider of Sensing, Monitoring and Tracking Services by 2020.


1. Customer Success

Results matter. We sell software as a service, stay engaged with users on an ongoing basis and help them be successful with Sensitel offerings.

2. Employee Growth

Sensitel’s employees have a personal growth road-map and we invest in new skills and career transformation for our employees.

3. Innovations

Sensitel’s is an innovation driven company, not a sales driven company. We deliver product, process and use excellence and reduce downside of innovation for our customers.

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