VeriData Platform

Detect Emerging Threats

Spot the next Pandemic before it's too late!

VeriData bubbles up developing threats through aggregation and analytics of public news and trade information, proprietary data sources and specialized algorithms. Geo coding of your facilities and supplier locations for visualizing industry specific risks.

Building the world’s largest data lake of responsible businesses

VeriSupply is vetting and validating real, on the ground based information on global suppliers and their supply chain, human rights and operations practices. Using primary and secondary research, VeriSupply provides you with uptodate, relevant information on electronics and medical device part sources.

Wisdom of Crowds

Every global supply chain interaction leads to generation of data. Every supplier visit can capture new information. VS is building collaborative forums for such data to be shared and used widely, so companies can leverage the wisdom of their peers. We can all work to find and reduce risks in global supply chains.

Additional features of VeriData Platform:

  • Anonymized and Secure Data Access.

  • API for data sharing and updates.

  • Tailored for your business.

  • Real Time Alerts Delivered to your Inbox.