What is it?

   An inspection is, most commonly, an established review or formal evaluation activity. There are various types of inspections that companies conduct, such as Inspection on the line, inspections at the vendor, at the warehouse, as well as finished goods inspection. Companies are liable to be inspected by governments and other stakeholder authorities, and as such, it is a good idea to keep conducting in house inspections. 

Why is it Important?

1) Quality Control : By undertaking practical Inspection and control over production processes and operations, production costs are considerably reduced. Quality control further checks the production of inferiors products and wastage.  

2) Goodwill : Any successful company that uses only the best of products, and undergoes regular inspections, is a company that has customer goodwill in the market for excellent products, and ethical practices throughout the supply chain. 

3) Employee-Employer Relations : Everyone wants to work for a company that is ethical and has regular inspections to ensure the quality of product and safety of employees. This, when coupled with customer goodwill, can translate to increased profits.

How Can Verisupply Help?

1) Prior Records : Verisupply will build an arrangement for maintaining your BOM so the newest version is in use by anyone using it, such as an original record that can be renewed and obtained by various parties in actual-time.

2) Blockchain : Verisupply uses the latest technology, such as blockchain to gain access to a whole network of data, which can then be used to score their clients' implementation strategies, and make improvements. 

3) Site Audits : Apart from secondary sources, Verisupply will go the extra mile for their clients, and procure primary data for Inspection. This includes site audits, quality sheets and direct mails for information collection.