A1. Tin,Tungsten,Tantalum & Gold(The Conflict Minerals)
A2. Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative: joint initiative of the EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) & GeSI (Global e-Sustainability); the flagship organization behind the conflict minerals RCOI process and smelter audits.
A3.Conflict-Free Smelter Program: CFSI's smelter audit and certification program .
A4. Conflict Minerals Reporting Template: refers to the survey document, actually an Excel workbook, and the only acceptable response format.
A5. Abbreviated term for "conflict minerals"
A6. Inclusive terms for the countries covered under conflict minerals rule.
A7. Democratic Republic of the Congo (the largest of the covered countries); also used to inclusively refer to the covered countries.
A8. Resonable Country Of Origin Inquiry; The CMRT is the survey RCOI document
A9. Smelters Or Refiners .