UI Engineer Intern

Job Description

Are you looking to learn latest UX technologies and build awesome user interfaces.

As an Intern , get your hands on Angular.js to Implement existing UX design using other UI charts components such as d3. Build a responsive html5 UI.

Key skills needed are versatile experience building UIs for business applications, fast delivery, hands on work.

Work with a Silicon Valley based team, learn from the best.

Education and/or Relevant Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree with 2+ total years in industry, or Masters Degree Location: Santa Clara, CA
Principals only. Please email your resume/work history with response.

Intern Projects:
UX design for a shopper behaviour analytics app - UI for a web and mobile phone based app
UI for IoT devices - Design UX for minimalistic IoT devices where human interface may not be available

How to Apply
To apply for Sensitel Internship opportunities, send your latest resume with salary expectations and dates of earliest availability to interns@sensitel.com. Please indicate the project you are applying for in the subject line.

Sensitel Product Trials

Go Live in 3 - 5 weeks

Sensitel Provides trials of SENS Platform and TrackAware