Shopping Mall Deploys Sensitel StaffCaster to Optimize Customer Traffic

How a startup grew its business by leveraging Sensitel StaffCaster

Santa Clara, CA - March 26, 2017 - Sensitel, an innovative Silicon Valley-based provider of Sensing, Monitoring, and Tracking Services, partnered with CityBeam to deploy StaffCaster to monitor and track shoppers' traffic patterns in a large shopping mall in central Florida.

The single-story mall, with retail area of just over a million square feet, has four anchor stores, a movie theater complex, 86 stores, and 5,500 parking spaces. The mall was purchased by a Private Equity investment company with the aim of turning it around since it was losing tenants and losing money. The service goals were to study customers' traffic patterns in the mall, optimize the shop layouts, maximize shopping, minimize window shopping, aggressively fill the empty anchor spaces with national tenants, and attract higher-end retailers to grow sales and leasing revenue for the mall.

The new mall owners hired CityBeam and Sensitel to collect the following important information on a daily basis:

  • Number of vehicles driving past the mall
  • Number of vehicles driving into the mall
  • Number of new and repeat customers
  • Visitor loyalty (how often do customers visit and how much time they spent)
  • Dwell time (average time spent in the mall)

Deploying the City Beam-Sensitel solution improved every measurable metric. Mall owners operators with similar malls now plan to deploy this solution to other properties they own in Southeast U. S.

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Based in Silicon Valley, Sensitel is an innovation-driven company whose purpose is to improve the quality of human life by transforming the way people work, live, and move. Its mission is to be leading provider of Sensing, Monitoring, and Tracking Services by 2020. Sensitel sells software as a service, stays engaged with users on an ongoing basis, and help them succeed with Sensitel's offerings.

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