Sens Track

Software as a Service, for Coordination & Predictive Arrival of goods and vehicles for Logistics, Retail and Manufacturing operations.


Real World Success

AI Prediction

We connect your supply chain with our IoT-Software and hardware for high value goods, transportation units, robots, trucks and autonomous vehicles to predict the arrival time of goods and solve bottlenecks in your last mile operations, enabling a smart delivery system.

Real time alerts

Real time alerts on SLAs, to turn information into actions.

AI Delivery experience

Electronic proof of delivery takes the anxiety away. ML engines take pain from email order entry. AI cameras ensure compliance and ensure efficiency.

Tracking dashboards

Real time updates in a simple, easy to use application.

What is the future of logistics with Sens?

Vision Processing

OpenCV and Spark based image and vision processing. Winner of IBM Award for “Search by Selfie” Project. For instance, recognizing objects and signs on the city roads. Proof of delivery by text or video.

Text analytics

Analysis of text and conversations, Analyzed contracts, supplier sourcing documents, Master data cleanup etc. For instance, robotic process automation for claims and invoice process.

Machine Learning

Applications of learning algorithms at scale to big , streaming data. Currently processing 35M events per day using Hadoop , Hbase and Spark. For instance, applying machine learning for predictive arrival time.

Deep Learning

Tensor Flow and Nvidia CUDA based deep learning models. Prior expertise in evolutionary programming, genetic algorithms and neural networks. For instance, for training a machine detect sound of failure..

Sens is More Than Track and Trace

We enable different ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE capabilities to speed up your Last Mile delivery.

Sens Track