Customizable AI & IOT platform

SENS™ Datasheet

Sensing and Making SENS™​

Smart Cities

Millions are moving to the cities. Leverage sensor data to transform everyday life.

Facial Recognition

Cameras are ubiquitous and are already here. Transform Retail, Marketing, Security using Facial recognition. Get to know your customers.

Connected World

Listen to your machines. Predict failures, improve utilizations and develop innovative business models.

SENS™ artificial intelligence capabilities​

Image Processing

OpenCV and Spark based image and vision processing. Winner of IBM Award for “Search by Selfie” Project. For instance, recognizing objects and signs on the city roads. ​

Text Analytics NLP

Analysis of text and conversations, Analyzed contracts, supplier sourcing documents, Master data cleanup etc. For instance, robotic process automation for claims and invoice process. ​

Machine Learning​

Applications of learning algorithms at scale to big , streaming data. Currently processing 35M events per day using Hadoop , Hbase and Spark. For instance, applying machine learning for predictive arrival time. ​


Trade offs for decision making, simulations and what if analysis. For instance, optimizing location of forklifts in a warehouse to minimize wasted travel.​

Deep Learning

Tensor Flow and Nvidia CUDA based deep learning models. Prior expertise in evolutionary programming, genetic algorithms and neural networks. For instance, for training a machine detect sound of failure.​

SENS™ Offering


Customized AI

AI technology that leverages the full potential of smart, connected objects and machines to tackle business challenges.

Sensor Integration​

For instance, SENS™ collects data of 200.000 devices ​or retail applications​

Anomaly Detection

For example, Sensitel detecting ​errors in telecommunication network of AT&T ​to increase reliability .​

Customer Experience & App Development

SENS™ reduces machines failure for facilities by sensor fusion and mobile app development

SENS™ Collect


  • Behavior Mapping
  • Fraud Detection
  • Asset Intelligence
  • Reactive Capacity Planning
  • Intelligent Dispatching
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Sensor Data Analytics


  • WiFi access points
  • GPS devices
  • Container seals and locks
  • Scanners
  • Point of sale systems
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Vitals measurement devices


  • Cellular
  • WiFi
  • Sigfox
  • Scada
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Vision

Sensitel Product Trials

Go Live in 3 - 5 weeks

Sensitel Provides trials of SENS Platform and TrackAware