Marketing Intern/Social Media Intern

Job Description

Learning Goals:
Are you looking to master the skill of marketing in the age of social media? Do you know omni- channel and mobile devices are changing the playbook for lead generation? Do you love to explain cutting edge technologies in simple words?
If answer to any of these is yes, then we will love working with you. Sensitel is seeking a recent college graduate/junior marketing intern. The Intern will work with Sensitel team on creating awareness (AIDA ) of IoT, data analytics and Sensitel innovations through online, print and other digital media channels.

Set up and implement a comprehensive outreach, marketing and content generation program to reach the goal of 1 inbound lead per day.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Experience with online channels ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Good writing skills
  • Empathy for business users and consumers
  • Desire to Win
Education and/or Relevant Experience:
Bachelor's Degree or Master’s Degree

Location: Santa Clara, CA
Principals only. Please email your resume/work history with response.

Intern Projects:
IoT Marketing - Push out messaging on IoT use cases and wins. Think Internet connected everything and how it will impact everyday life.
Responsible Chains Community Site - Set up a destination site for compliance teams for conflict minerals compliance and for human rights and corporate social responsibility.

How to Apply
To apply for Sensitel Internship opportunities, send your latest resume with salary expectations and dates of earliest availability to Please indicate the project you are applying for in the subject line.

Sensitel Product Trials

Go Live in 3 - 5 weeks

Sensitel Provides trials of SENS Platform and TrackAware