Customer Support Technician

Job Description

Sensitel mission is to transform the way people live, move and buy using Internet of Things. To do that, we make it easy to connect devices to the network, listen to these new data sources at scale and make intuitive and transformational uses of IoT data. Sensitel is a customer-focused organization and sells TrackAware software to logistics, manufacturing and retail companies. Sensitel is based in Santa Clara, CA and is a member of SAP Startup Focus Program.

We are currently looking for a Customer Support Technician for California market. Customer Support technician will work out of Santa Clara.

An excellent career opportunity is currently available for a Customer Support Technician in the Sensitel’s TrackAware Delivery Tracking Service business. Reporting to the Customer Success Manager, the Customer Support Technician will be responsible for:

  • Support of TrackAware subscription customers
  • Maintenance of scanners and mobile computers
  • Maintenance of application servers
  • Update mobile software clients
  • Test and support upgrades and updates to software.

Basic Qualifications:

Associate or Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science discipline
Comfortable in a fast moving dynamic environment
Hands on, get it done attitude
Independent operator

Sensitel Product Trials

Go Live in 3 - 5 weeks

Sensitel Provides trials of SENS Platform and TrackAware