About Sensitel

By collecting data from tiny embedded sensors, the kind found in everything from smartphones to GPS devices, Sensitel's solutions allow companies to garner insights into parts of their business they rarely could before. Logistics service providers, for instance, use Sensitel's TrackAware solution to track over 1,000,000 shipments and ensure on-time delivery. Retail chains, meanwhile, leverage Sensitel Staffcaster tool to identify which parts of their stores are most populated by shoppers (or at least their smartphones), and then direct their staff accordingly. Sensitel SENS gateway leverages Apache Hadoop and Spark to process the data tsunami from the Internet of Things for real time prescriptive analytics.

Sensitel offerings are delivered as mobile handheld based software, cloud based subscription services and as advanced analytics services. Sensitel is based in Santa Clara, California and is funded through private investments.

Additional information at www.sensitel.com

Full time Job Openings

Sensitel provides a nurturing home to creative and entrepreneurial minds. We are looking for flexible, learning individuals who will grow in their careers with Sensitel.

Internship Opportunities

Sensitel is looking for current and recent students/ experienced professionals under career transition, to work on cutting edge projects in Computer Science, AI and Machine Learning Technologies. Trainees will be provided with clear, concise projects that can be scoped, developed and delivered in a 14 weeks internship. Trainees will benefit from mentoring and guidance from Sensitel experts. Through hands-on work on challenging projects, trainees can develop expertise in Sensor data management, Business Optimization, Advanced analytics and web and mobile software development. Sensitel will provide funding, software tools and resources required for the successful delivery of intern projects.

Current Internship Projects

Attached is an initial list of roles for the upcoming Internship Program.

Projects can also be crafted around specific research interests of trainees.

How to Apply

To apply for Sensitel Internship positions, send you latest resume with dates of earliest availability to careers at sensitel.com Please indicate Internship Program 2016-17 in the subject line.

Sensitel Product Trials

Go Live in 3 - 5 weeks

Sensitel Provides trials of SENS Platform and TrackAware