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The recipe for success: Sensitel Inc. in support of The Autism Program

Culture, People | July 13, 2020

Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s program—Expandability’s Autism advantage program has evolved into a Neurodiversity Pathways program. This program is operated by a group of professionals with a diverse set of expertise in communication, coaching and higher education and technology, this program helps individuals with autism in leading a better life. The workplace readiness program prepares and supports neurodivergent individuals in their journey to secure an integrate & meaningful employment. Along with the above mentioned programs it empowers organisations to implement neurodiversity within the organisation.

Much like Sensitel Inc. taking up two such individuals as data science interns namely Ian Wolfe, a programmer knows multiple languages including Java, C, and C++. He has done projects in Java such as aTetris clone using Swing graphics and a movie recommendation system using LensKit and Jennifer Brooks, a Data Analyst who can crunch the numbers, write reports, create presentations and explain in layman’s terms what the numbers mean.

Many people whose brains work in unusual ways are said to have disabilities but what if we accepted variation as “normal” and then looked for unique abilities and hidden potential in every mind?

These talented individuals became a part of the Sensitel family in 2017 to learn more about data science and get hands-on experience on the same. They flourished and worked sincerely on every task they were given and were constantly supported by Sensitel Inc. every step of the way. It was complete three months of data stories, algorithms and predictions looking for that needle in haystack.

We spoke to Nathan who was mentoring these individuals. We asked him how he thinks their experience was? He said, “Excellent! and It was a truly successful experience for many interns, as they really put heart and soul during their time at Sensitel.” He added, “Like anyone, each of them came with their own background and career hopes. Each intern also had a unique way a relating to the work at hand and enhancing both the technical and communication aspects required to succeed as part of the Sensitel team. I'm sure we'll be getting emails, texts and postcards for years to come, letting us know about the career paths they have taken.”